EMDR THERAPY GROUP offers a warm and welcoming place for people to enhance their strengths,

build their resiliency, and heal their emotional wounds. Our team of skilled EMDR therapists strongly

believes that an encouraging and supportive environment is where people can do their best work.


Our mission is to provide a meaningful therapeutic experience through the use of EMDR

therapy and other evidence-based therapies to promote health and wellbeing in our clients.



At EMDR Therapy Group, we are a group of independent Registered Clinical Counsellors who specialize in EMDR, trauma, and resiliency-informed therapy.


Each of us brings unique strengths, interests, and backgrounds to the group, while being alike in the following ways:


  • We believe in people’s resilience and their capacity to heal and grow


  • We all practice EMDR and creatively weave in other approaches to meet the unique needs of each client


  • We love what we do and are committed to offering best practice through on-going training and research


  • We welcome clients from all backgrounds regardless of gender, race, religion, age, and sexual orientation – we’re in this field because we love and see the beauty in all people


Our skilled team members have been specifically invited to our group for their big hearts and genuine care for clients, and we know you will see that too!


Lindsay Gail Brown, M.A., RCC

Lindsay Gail Brown, M.A., RCC

Liselotte Thoraval, M.A., RCC

Liselotte Thoraval, M.A., RCC

Jenny Watt, M.A., RCC

Jenny Watt, M.A., RCC

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