Couples Counselling

Intimate relationships can be invigorating; intimate relationships can be frustrating. But we often feel hopeless and discouraged when we believe that our relationship is failing. We can work with you to rediscover the shared passion, friendship, hope, love, and sexual energy that unify you as a couple.

As relationship conflicts are inevitable, we can work together through these challenges so that you can come out of them with a better understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Our hope is that you and your partner continue to mature in your relationship as you face each challenge with openness, respect and trust, and as loving partners.

Relationship counselling can be done as a couple or as an individual. We offer counselling for issues including, but not limited to:

  • Anger/Frustration
  • Challenging Transitions
  • Communication Challenges
  • Co-Parenting Differences
  • Differing Values/Beliefs
  • Loneliness
  • Past Infidelity
  • Relationship Insecurities
  • Sexual Intimacy

EMDR Therapy may be incorporated to help move past stuck points or to heal relationship ruptures and betrayals.