Through a PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant platform, we are excited to be offering all of our services safely and securely online.

Many of our clients have shared that they have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of online therapy. This response is consistent with a meta-analysis research study that found no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy in comparison to in-person therapy!

Online therapy is often more convenient and offers the comfort of speaking with a therapist from your home, your office, or your travels. It has additionally made mental health services more accessible, especially to individuals for whom the need to attend appointments in person is a barrier to getting support.

Along with health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, many people are choosing online therapy for the following reasons:

  • You live in a remote area
  • You are unable to take time away during work hours to attend in-person sessions
  • You are unable to find childcare for your children during office hours
  • You are seeking couples counselling and you and your partner aren’t in the same city
  • You are living abroad and unable to access in person therapy in your first language
  • You have physical limitations or mobility issues that prevent you from getting support in person
  • You feel uncomfortable for any reason in a traditional face-to-face therapy setting